Our Gardena veterinarians use diagnostic tests and tools in our in-house vet lab to accurately diagnose your pet's medical conditions and customize treatment plans to your pet's needs.

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Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

We have excellent diagnostic capabilities such as safe, non-invasive radiology. Using this our vets are able to produce highly detailed images of your pet's internal structures to ensure an accurate diagnosis of various medical conditions. 

Using our diagnostic imaging capabilities, we can quickly and efficiently provide information regarding your pet's overall condition and offer immediate treatment options.

At Alondra Animal Hospital, we have advanced equipment that allows us to provide a variety of diagnostic services such as bloodwork, urinalysis and radiology in order to best serve you and your pet.

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Gardena Vet

In-House Lab & Veterinary Pharmacy in Gardena

Our modern facility and in-house lab allow us to perform various diagnostic tests and get results quickly. Allowing us to diagnose your pet's symptoms and develop a treatment plan immediately while our on-site vet pharmacy provides any medications your pet may need while in our care.

Our animal hospital also contains an on-site pet pharmacy in Gardena that contains any prescription foods and medications that may be required for the treatment of your pet.

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Gardena Vet

Diagnostic Services We Offer

Our in-house diagnostic vet lab allows us the opportunity to provide quick and efficient testing and diagnosis in the event that your pet is experiencing medical issues.

  • Radiography (Digital X-rays)

    Using a radiograph (digital x-ray), we are able to effectively see the internal systems of your pet allowing us to monitor for any conditions we 

    Radiography requires low doses of radiation and therefore it is a very safe and non-invasive method used to diagnose various internal conditions. Because the level of radiation exposure required to perform radiography is very low it is safe for even the more sensitive cases such as very young animals and pets that are pregnant

    Digital x-rays are used to evaluate bones and organs as well as diagnose conditions including broken bones, chronic arthritis, bladder stones, spinal cord diseases and some tumors. 

  • Bloodwork

    Using our on-site lab in Gardena, we have the ability to perform common and specialized blood tests in order to diagnose various diseases and disorders that may be affecting your cat. 

    Some common blood tests that we perform are CBC (complete blood count), white blood count, hemoglobin and MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration), hematocrit, platelets, eosinophils, and blood serum profile. 

  • Urinalysis

    Urinalysis is one of the most commonly performed diagnostic tests in our hospital. Urinalysis provides valuable insight into the physical and chemical properties of your pet's urine.

    Using urinalysis your vet is able to determine the health of your animal's kidneys and urinary tract system, as well as use the results to identify issues within other organ systems and to diagnose metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

  • Fecal Exams

    Our vets perform fecal exams using our in-house vet lab in Gardena in order to diagnose and treat various GI infections that could be affecting your pet and your family.

    Fecal exams will reveal if your pet is suffering from any intestinal parasites such as roundworms or hookworms. These parasites can cause major discomfort and pain in your pet, and potentially lead to more serious conditions and be transmitted to humans.

    These parasites can only be diagnosed using fecal exams as they live within the GI tract, therefore annual fecal exams are a recommended part of your pet's annual wellness checkups.